Silicone products six processes, the daily silicone hose manufacturers to tell you


Six major processes for silica gel products:

Die pressure
Molding, this manufacturing process is the most common. Mainly by the mold to complete, the shape of the mold determines the shape of silicone products. The molded silica gel products are usually solid silica through the vulcanizing machine after adding the solid silica gel material with the vulcanizing agent into the high temperature mold. The high temperature sulfur is solid formed. The hardness of the molded silica gel is usually 30 C~70 C, which is simple and suitable for all silicone products.

Ejection (injection)
This process is relatively high quality requirements, is the combination of liquid silica gel and plastic. Its products are characterized by better thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties and no toxic substances when burning. Therefore, it is an irreplaceable material in the production design of health goods, cars, baby supplies, medical supplies, diving supplies, kitchen utensils and seals.

Extrusion molding, extruded silica gel products are usually extruded by extrusion machine extrusion silica gel, generally extruded silica gel shape is long strip, tubular can be tailored at random, extruded products made of a single, more strip shape. Silicone tubes are widely used in medical and mechanical equipment. It can also be used for caching in the package.

Silicone rubber is kneaded and mixed with white carbon black and silicone oil to make the compound and then rolled out the sheet. The longitudinal and transverse physical and mechanical properties of the films made by calendering are obviously different, which is calendering effect. It is shown that the longitudinal tensile strength of the film is greater than that of the transverse, the elongation of the film is larger than that of the longitudinal direction, and the longitudinal shrinkage rate of the film is greater than that of the transverse. The calendering effect is the result of the orientation of the macromolecule and needle shaped sheet compound in the sizing process along the calendering direction. The size of calendering effect is related to the composition of the rubber, calendering temperature, speed, speed ratio and so on. For larger products, such as silicon film and silica gel plate.

The operation method of mold filling or perfusion mold: the mold or the perfusion mold is used to compare the smooth or simple product. There is no mold line to save time and time. It is the product or model that you want to copy. It is enclosed by the rubber plate or glass plate, and the vacuum silica gel is poured directly into the product. After the silica gel is dried, the product is taken out, the mold is taken out, the mold is taken out and the mould is taken out. It's shaped. It is a combination of solid and liquid products, such as mobile phone sets, luggage covers and so on.

Fast vulcanization, strong adhesion, good fluidity and easy defoaming. Use platinum complex to catalyze, non-toxic, no odor; excellent thermal stability and cold resistance forming after forming good air permeability, heat resistance, and certain tensile strength; excellent skid resistance; no pollution; low hardness; adhesive bonding firm. High tear strength, high transparency and good tensile properties. Wear resistant, washable, high temperature resistant, high level, smooth, soft, flexible, excellent texture, good elasticity, washable and dry cleaning. It is applied to the cloth and has the effect of anti aging. For example, silicone gloves, rain shoes and so on.

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